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SEVEME SA defends and practices a proactive management approach, minimizing the risk to its People and the area around it.

In order to identify and minimize risks for all interested parties, we seek to ensure the prevention of injuries, injuries and damage to the health of our Employees, having personal protective equipment (PPE) for this purpose
of superior quality.

SEVEME SA has been OHSAS certified since 2014, having then migrated to NP ISO 45001:2019, becoming recognized for the quality of our occupational health and safety policy.

In addition to complying with all legal and other requirements applicable to our Occupational Safety activity, we are committed to developing practices in this area, included in the management system, promoting its systematic review and continuous improvement.

Internal security promoters implement training and awareness programs for Employees, to obtain high levels of security, meeting conditions that convey credibility and guarantee the preference of our Customers.